I’m deeply concerned about where these United States have gone in the last eight years. It is very scary for those of us who spend a little time researching the facts about the people we will vote for. This in part is why we are in the shape we are today. People don’t research the facts. I read an article today about a latino girl, as she described herself, who went to a Trump rally with her sister who wanted to hear Donald Trump speak. The elder sister really doesnt like the way republicans treat Latinos per the article. If you google Latinos conta trump shirt you can read it for yourself. The girl went to the rally with her sister and put a sweater over her supposed protest shirt and when it got hot she took it off. The family of trump called her supposedly to take a photo with them and she later commented on how they didn’t notice her shirt. Then went on to say how they made themselves look stupid. I personally think the story was idiotic and did nothing to support her cause.The article was titled saying trump is so out of touch with Latinos and millenials and our bought media posted it this way. I think that If she were representing Latinos that’s truly a shame because I am Hispanic and feel her representation of herself is what was made to look bad. ALL LATINOS ARE NOT LIKE HER. They are young and no doubt believe everything they hear on TV. I feel she 1. Was sneaky and deceitful by wearing the shirt hidden till halfway through the rally. Knowing maybe they wouldn’t let her in is why she had it covered in the first place. 2. She was phony for going to an event to a speaker she didn’t like.but, I’ll give her that she was doing it for her sister. 3. Is opportunistic as now she is selling tshirts with the logo making money on his name. The same Latino who feels so disenfranchised by the republicans. Unbelievable. 4. She is not smart. This country caters to Hispanics/Latinos. Every phone call you make has the recordings in English and Spanish. So ignorant, opportunistic, phony,sneaky and deceitful is an unfair assessment of all Latinos. It is reflective of this one girls character and NOT all Latinos or me! If Hillary gets in office this world is going to be much worse than it is now. If you are serious about wanting to get our United States back to the way it used to be, get out and vote. Research these candidates. Hillary has proven herself to be our enemy. I watched this video last night of trumps Gettsysburg speech.it was phenomenal. While he is not a politician and speaks his mind, he does love this country and the things that are wrong with it he knows how to fix. It is a bit scary that he has no political experience however, he can learn. He already is liked and respected by many country leaders just from his travels and his business dealings. If you truly want to vote please research the candidates. The democrats already have started trying to rig the election so Hillary wins. This is in and of itself a crime. But they are many who believe the mainstream media who are saying it is Russia doing it. Obama and Hillary still say its Russia and are trying to place a no fly zone over Syria . This WILL cause world war III and will possibly result in nuclear. The no fly zone will mean we have to shoot down Russian planes that are attempting for the last few weeks to help their allies in Syria fight Isis. Please folks research all you can before you vote. People say they’ll vote for Mickey mouse or some other third party. Or not vote at all. This is a mistake. Every non vote or every third party vote is a vote for Hillary. I love this country and hate the mess this country is in that worsens by the day. Please vote. There are more other important things on the ballot as well that need your vote. Congressman, senators, school officials, environment issues, sheriffs JUDGES. Please vote.


I was on line and saw these cute and easy ways to make our own gift boxes and I thought I’d like to share these with you. Christmas is right around the corner and truthfully, it’s not just Christmas time that we often find ourselves needing a gift bag or box to put a gift in for someone. Hope you enjoy these sites.



1.  CHARGE ZERO ONE AND ALL ELECTRIC LANTERNS CELL PHONES LAPTOPS IPADS AND COMPUTERS ( The computer devices are a great source of light when electric goes out. If you need a brighter light go to email. That page is white n provides brighter light. If you lose landline you’ll be happy your cell was fully charged. Need it to call for medical or other help. High winds and so much rain cause car accidents that sometimes disturb telephone poles and electric poles causing interruption of service sometimes for long hours.

2.  PLACE POTTED PLANTS IN A LOW, SAFE LOCATION ( Like under a lanai table thats against a corner or wall) TO PREVENT THEM FROM BECOMING MISSILES  IN HIGH WIND THAT CAN BREAK YOUR WINDOWS. Can put in garage but that’s too much work. This works well.

3. SCRUB TUB WITH BLEACH AND FILL WITH WATER.  If a sinkhole occurs from ground saturation that disrupts water supply or tornadoes which are many times spawned, or stop the water supply, you will  have water to flush toilets and that can be used to bathe in your sink or even boil for coffee and do laundry if lights are still on. When water mains break oftentimes the initial next day after the repair water is contaminated too. DO ALL LAUNDRY before the lights have potential to go out.

4. WATER ALL YOUR PLANTS  that are indoor plants so you don’t need to waste emergency water.

  5. GET TWO OLD GALLON MILK JUGS AND FILL WITH WATER. Keep them all year in the freezer. When the lights go out take one gallon jug and stick it in the center of the refrigerator. It will keep your food cold for many days. I have used this successfully many, many times.

6. MAKE SURE ALL FLASHLIGHTS AND SMOKE ALARMS HAVE GOOD BATTERIES. have replacement batteries of all sizes on hand in case you need them.

7. UNPLUG ALL LAMPS, COFFEE POTS, ANSWERING MACHINES anything you don’t use to prevent them from getting zapped and ruined by lightning. Chances are you will not be driving in hurricane winds and rain so you’ll be home and won’t need the answering machine anyhow. BEATS buying new things. I’ve lost two answering machines from lightning. Surge protector bars for computers do work. There are many kinds that are for different things. Be sure to check before you buy. It’s a great investment n usually a one time purchase.

8. RENEW YOUR MEDICATIONS BEFORE THE STORM IS GOING TO MAKE LANDFALL. once the Governor issues a state of emergency it is the law that you can renew your medications early. Be sure to have aspirin and Tylenol and bandaids, whatever you might need if you’re stuck indoors due to the storm or flooding and get sick or injured from say for example tripping in the dark, spraining an ankle etc.

9.  HAVE CANDLES . good to burn in a glass in a sink with a little water in it to reduce risk of fire.  During the day you can open your blinds and utilize the light from outside.

10. HAVE ENOUGH FOOD AND WATER FOR YOU AND YOUR PETS Manual can openers are necessary. If the lights go out your electric can openers will be useless.

11. FINE CHINA ( paper plates, utensils and cups) so you don’t have to use emergency water. Plus, lol no dishes to do! LESS WORK IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING. 

12. CHARGE BATTERY POWERED TOOLS  to ensure they have full charge so that if after the storm there is no electricity you can still do clean up or repairs.

13.STERNO CANS AND ALUMINUM PANS. these come in handy to cook if you have no electric.

14. HAVE CHARCOAL OR FULL PROPANE TANK FOR BARBECUE If when the rain stops electric hasn’t been restored you can cook. Because of flooding, sinkholes trees down, you may not be able to get to the store.

15. POWDERED MILK ( there is a brand called NIDO ) you can get it in supermarkets. It’s the very best tasting and vitamin enriched powdered milk I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s the only one I’ll buy since I discovered it.

16. PROTEIN SHAKES like Atkins, ENSURE, GLUCERNA ( for diabetics) These do not have to be refrigerated and can be used in place of a meal.

17. SECURING YOUR GARAGE DOOR . I have a wide aluminum door. If it starts rattling, I take tall pieces of plywood n place it against the door from top to bottom in the center area of the door and gently roll my car backwards to press against the wood. I believe the sturdiness of the wood and the weight of the car against it, will stop it from blowing in.

18. NOAA RADIO or other emergency radio. They are inexpensive and could save your life. I keep mine plugged in all year. I went on line and found the codes for each county n programmed it to only alert me for tornados etc in My county and the nearby counties. The first night  It was going off all night because it was telling you things in oklahoma etc. it has a backup battery too like answering machines do, and you’ll wake up to some beeps and people voices telling you what’s coming and where it is. Once you program the codes into it, it will only sound for the counties you asked it to warn you about.

I actually forgot about it and last month in the middle of the night it went off. In crystal river there was a funnel cloud spotted by the water. You just turn it off when you want it off like a snooze button on your alarm clock n next time it has an announcement it’ll come on again but it doesnt repeat the same alert.you can listen to NOAA officials talking for as long as you want. I love it. Home depot and Walmart sell them. 19. GAS UP YOUR VEHICLES  AND HAVE CASH BEFORE THE STORM. If you have to get out of Dodge and flee to safer ground and electric is off the gas pumps won’t work nor will the ATMS . Stay safe. Jeanette

Is your Welcome mat screaming, “HELP ME! ” instead?

Door Mat (Before)
Door Mat (Before)

Due to the invention of garage door openers, I rarely use my front door.I have had it painted white since 1985 LOL. I wanted a bright cheery color for some time now. I did know that my welcome mat has been worn for some time now but did not have the means to replace it.

After painting my front door, my welcome mat not only looked worn, it was screaming, ” Help Me! ” . So, I decided to paint it. Yes, paint. It is a rubber mat, very thick and sturdy. So I took the exterior door paint and painted all the trim and designs that were raised and the flat surfaces I painted black as it originally was. Then I took craft paint and painted the flowers. Once dry, I coated it with three coats of clear spray paint that bonds to plastic so that it would protect the paint from rain and make it last longer.

Door Mat (After)
Door Mat (After)

The results? Well, I am very happy with how it turned out, MY FRONT DOOR is saying, “THANK YOU! ” and my WELCOME MAT is saying, ” WELCOME ” again. Hope that you’ll give this a try. It’s like a custom doormat and matches the door perfectly. Let me know what you think once pics are posted. 🙂

A creative use for an annoying problem

Well, it’s not really a problem. More like an annoyance. Anybody ever get those annoying cards with their name embossed on it with mail that says join today or have old AAA Cards or AARP cards or the like? Well you are not supposed to run those through your shredder. It ruins the blades. So you sit with a scissor and cut those up to destroy your name. Tonight when I was cutting a few up, I thought…oh I know what these can be useful for. Lol. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given someone a movie to watch or a tool to use and never really think about it again until I need it. Well, because I believe the good in people, I think the person forgot who they borrowed it from if they don’t use it and return it right away. I think from now on, I’m going to cut my name off then just discard the rest and glue it onto the movie cases and my tools. The only card you really need to cut is a bank card but you can save the name from that too. It’s durable and should hold up better than marker.


The Boarding on Flight 2016 has been announced…… Hope you have checked in only the best souvenirs from 2015 in your luggage…. The BAD and SAD moments if carried, must be thrown away in the garbage on arrival ……. The flight will be for 12 months long.  So, loosen your seat belts, jingle and mingle. The stop-overs will be : Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, Well-being Peace. Refueling will be at Giving Sharing Caring. The Captain (God) offers you the following menu which will be served during the flight…….  Cocktail of Friendship,  Supreme of Health,  Grating of Prosperity,  Bowl of Excellent News  Salad of Success,  Cake of Happiness, Have a blessed day! 

But remember, you will enjoy these meals and the journey better if you talk, share smile and Laugh together. Sitting silent and sullen will make the flight seem longer Wishing you and your family an enjoyable trip on the flight of 2016. Allow us to thank all of you who made flight 2015 beautiful  for us. We pray all of you are blessed with an awesome new year ahead! 





This is such a nice tutorial I found, I thought I’d share it with you. The woman is a very good teacher and has a very soothing voice. Thefact that you can pause it until you catch up is a plus too. Enjoy! Happy crocheting!

If you want to look her up you can google happy berry crochet and learn how to do the entire alphabet. I plan on making my great grandchild a blanket with her name running across it. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 🙂