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1. Something to protect your work surface
2. Old jar or plastic cup to hold water to wash brushes
3. Paper towels to dry brushes
4. Flat pebbles
6. Small google eyes
7. White craft paint for ladybug dots ( or can make dots black)
8. Small handled paint brush
9. Medium sized paint brush
8. Red or reddish orange craft paint or color of your choice
9. Black craft  paint. This is used for ladybug head and face and to paint line separating wings.
( If you are unable to make straight line with paint brush, you may use black sharpie marker)
10. Small google eyes ( can use awhite dot of paint with smaller black dot in center if unable to find google eyes)

Wash and dry pebbles
Paint entire pebble red or color of your choice and let dry.
Paint head of ladybug black and let dry
Paint line in center of ladybug from head to back end of bug and let dry
Take small handled paint brush and dip into white paint n dot ladybug wings
(OPTIONAL Spray with clear spray paint to make your ladybugs paint last longer.)
After clear spray paint has dried,  carefully glue google eyes on.