I saw this video I would like to share with you. If you’re anything at all like me, you have too much stuff! While your home may be clean, it would look and feel better with less stuff. This lady was so enjoyable and on point with the hazards we face when starting our so called de-cluttering. We get side tracked. She has a system that definitely works. Enjoy.


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Cute little guys to hang on your tree. Children can do all the painting however, I recommend Mom or Dad do the hot gluing and prune shear cutting to avoid injury.







Round topped wooden clothespins ( can find in local dollar store, Walmart or craft store

Bag of Popsicle craft sticks


Wooden skewers

Pruning shears to cut Popsicle sticks

Assorted paints

Flesh color for hands and face

Black or silver for skis

Whatever color you wish for ski persons pants and shirt

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Decorative thin cord or ribbon to hang your ornament

Kitchen Twine of any color for scarf ( Dollar Tree stores have bag of three colors each in children’s craft section all year round)

Old wire cake cooling rack  ( this is my all time favorite thing to dry crafts on when you paint both sides at once)


1. Paint head of clothespin with flesh color.

2.Paint skier’s shirt front and back and set on rack to dry.

3. Once dry, paint skiers pants. and set on rack to dry.

4. Can paint boots if you wish to . I did not.

5. Paint some Popsicle sticks , front and back, the  color you wish the shirt to be and set aside to dry. These will later become the arms.

6. Once dry, measure  how long you need arms to be and cut that length off Popsicle stick with pruning shears. ( PARENTS PLEASE DO THIS PART TO AVOID INJURY) . Touch up with chosen colored paint.

7.  Paint flesh colored tips onto both sides of ends of arms to represent skiers hands. Set aside to dry.

8. Round off corners of  flat part of the Popsicle stick with pruning shears. This part will become skiers shoulders. Touch up exposed wood and set aside to dry.

9. Paint Popsicle sticks front and back black or silver and set on cooling rack to dry. These will become the skis.

10.  Using pruning shears, cut Popsicle  sticks in half. You will need one Popsicle  stick for each pair of skis. Touch up with paint where the exposed wood is and set aside to dry.

10. Cut off point of skewer and paint skewers the color you chose for skis and set aside to dry.

11. Paint hair on your skier.

12. With the end of a skewer dipped into paint, dot eyes and make smile.

13. When clothespin is totally dried, hot glue the clothespin to the skis. Be sure rounded part of ski is used for front of skis.

14. Glue arms on with arms partially extended ( see photo).

15.  Take your black or silver skewers and cut to make the poles the skier will hold. DO NOT CUT THESE FIRST. Depending on how far you extended your skiers arms will determine the length you will need to glue to side of hand facing skiers body and then to side of skiers pant leg near ski.

16. When gluing on poles to hands and skis I took hot glue and placed with skewer to avoid large area of glue.

17. Now, if you wish, you can braid colored kitchen twine to make a scarf. Place dab of hot glue on back of neck and attach hanging ribbon or cord and this will also hold scarf in place. Glue scarf to side of skiers shirt near arm to hold in place.

You will create memories for your child each Christmas when you bring them out to place on tree.


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I am a beach person. I love the ocean and even more, I love collecting seashells. I have my master bathroom decorated in a beach theme. I have clear glass jars of seashells displayed on the windowsill and wanted a starfish for the wall. This is what I did. Hope you’ll give it a try! So easy! Takes just a few minutes.





A Starfish ( or more if you want several) these can be purchased in Walmart or any craft store, individually or in a bag .

White paint OR no paint, leave natural

Glitter if you are painting and wish it to sparkle

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

White pipe cleaners or a wire ( when I run out of wire I have been known to use a Christmas tree ornament hanger for these small tasks).


  1. Either leave natural or paint your starfish white and apply glitter. 2. Hot glue pipe cleaner to back center of starfish to hang on wall.
  2. NOTE: There are some on a shelf in my guest bedroom that just rest against a book or other item.


Diaper cakes are quickly becoming all the rage at baby showers. And rightfully so. They are very cute, can be used as gift table centerpiece and are chock full of goodies for baby. When I make my diaper cakes I try not to use all newborn diapers,as the mom-to-be typically gets loads of diapers as gifts and babies grow quickly. Below is how I make my diaper cakes. As far as toys go,I save McDonald’s Happy Meal Care Bears and other soft toys just for this purpose. They are the perfect size.


1.  36 newborn diapers

2.  36 next sized diapers

3.  Cardboard cake board ( sold at Walmart and at times in dollar store)

4. One  Empty  paper towel or aluminum foil roll. ( I find aluminum foil roll or plastic  wrap roll is sturdier)

5.  Two receiving blankets or one baby bath towel

6. 3 yards of baby ribbon ( Can use solid color or baby print)

7.  Masking or duct tape ( to tape the empty roll to the center of the cake board for stability)

8.  2 yards of 1/8 inch elastic  to hold the diapers in place. You will cover the elastic with the ribbon.

9.  Multiple baby items that can attach to ribbon .Things such as barrettes, baby feeding spoons, pacifiers, baby diaper pins etc.

10. Larger baby toy like small stuffed animal or rattle to put at top of  the cake

11.Rubber-bands – only   three are needed but have more in case you snap one accidentally.

12. Artificial flowers (optional) from the dollar store that match your color scheme.


1.  Place about a six inch piece of tape, two or three inches inside empty towel roll. Attach the rest to the cake board. Then tear off three more pieces and place on outside of paper towel roll to secure to the base of cake board.

2.  Wrap both receiving blankets or one bath towel around the towel roll and secure in place on bottom middle and  top with  rubber-bands. Be sure to fold appropriately so that the blanket is even with the top of  paper towel roll.

3. Now it gets interesting. Fold each of the larger sized diapers in half. With folded part facing as outside of the cake, stand on its side and stack side by side around the cake. When it gets to the point where they are starting to fall over, it is time to place and tie a piece of elastic loosely around the diapers to hold in place for you. Then fill till they are snugly together and fill the circle of the cake board.

4. Fold all smaller diapers in same way and place on top of the bottom layer, Forming  a second tier to the diaper cake.  Attach elastic around this tier as well. Stick any ends of elastic in between diapers to conceal them.

5. Attach ribbon around both tiers to conceal the elastic.

6. If you are giving to a girl attach barrettes evenly around ribbons as a design.

7. If you have purchased flowers, cut stems with scissors to the right height and stick flowers in between diapers taking care not to poke hole in diapers. I find it easier to roll a piece e of tape around wired stem to avoid sharp edges.

8. At top of cake is where you would attach toy , if paper towel is above top layer of diaper cake you can do one of two things: A. Tie toys around the top with elastic to conceal the towel and then apply ribbon with a pretty bow that drapes down front of cake OR B. roll blanket or towel off the tube and cut tube to same height as the top of the cake. Then gently roll the receiving blankets or towel  inwards and put a bigger flower inside as cake topper. Because the stems are made with wire I would roll a piece of tape around bottom of stem to avoid poking hole in blanket or towel. Everyone will love your creation!