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Simple little way to say I love you to the people we love. Can be placed on desk or wherever your loved one chooses to display. Children will love making for mom or dad, grandparents too. Can say I love you, you’re the best, best grandma, cool grandpa etc.  Use your imagination. Due to children’s limited dexterity it would be easier to use a larger pebble or rock.


Pebbles or rocks , paint colors of your choice., toothpicks,clear spray paint and paint brush


  1. Wash pebbles or rocks
  2. Paint entire pebble one color and  let dry.
  3. Dip the toothpick  into paint and put your message. When finished allow to dry then spray with clear spray paint to preserve your rock.


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Black  craft paint ( or base color of your choice)
Two sizes of paint brushes
Large stones
Something to protect your work surface
Clear spray paint
toothpicks or wooden skewers


1. Paint entire rock black and allow to dry.

2. Take back of larger brush and dip into a different color paint.

3. Randomly place dots onto stone surface then switch color and continue dotting rock until it looks as you wish it to look.

4. For a different effect paint different colored stripes down rock. Once dry take toothpick or wooden skewer and dip into paint and dot in a design.

7. Once dry, spray with clear spray paint to protect your painted surface.

These make lovely paperweights. Or something to sit on a shelf. If the rock is large enough you can use for a doorstop too.

Have a blessed day!


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snow scene
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I am a firm believer in keeping it simple.  I do  love Christmas.  As most of us know, Christmas is a very busy, and depending on the size of your family, can be a quite costly time of year.  This is why, any chance I get,  I make things to give as gifts for Christmas to friends, family and co-workers. As you might imagine, I am wrapping Christmas gifts all year. Some of my friends laugh and say, ” You’re thinking of Christmas already? ”

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However, when Christmas finally arrives, my expenses and workload are minimal because I have most of my homemade gifts already made. I recently decided to try my hand at rock painting. Wouldn’t you know it? After painting a few I thought, ” Oh, maybe I could make some for Christmas!”. So here are a few of my designs for Christmas Rocks. What would you do with them, you ask? I have no idea. But I’ll tell you what I plan to do with mine. Stocking stuffers that can be brought out and placed on a table or desk every year, refrigerator magnets, shelf decorations. You are limited only by your imagination. Most people love homemade gifts. This is one that can have people thinking of you each time they see it.

Have a blessed day!



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Assorted sizes of flat pebbles
Black craft paint
White craft paint
Assortment of different colored craft paints
Something to protect your workspace
Paint brushes
Google eyes ( optional)
Magnets (optional)
Glue to glue on eyes ( I use a dab of Dap Caulking )
Toothpicks ( to apply caulking or glue  onto rock where google eyes will be placed)
Glue gun n glue sticks if you plan on turning into magnets to use on refrigerator or school lockers or other metal surface.


1. Wash rocks and allow to dry.

2. Paint rocks color of your choice allowing first side to dry then flipping rocks over, paint the other side.

3. Once dry, with toothpick place dab of glue or caulking onto rock where you will be placing eyes.

4. Place google eyes in place.

5. Using black paint, dip toothpick in place and draw mouth.

6. When mouth is dry, again using toothpick or small paint brush , draw teeth where you would like them.

NOTE: If you do not have google eyes you can dip handle of paintbrush into white paint and dot where you want happy monsters eyes to be.once dry, dip toothpick or smaller brush handle into black paint and make pupils for eyes. If you want to make eyes appear as if they are shining, once black dries, take toothpick and draw an apostrophe to the right of the pupil.

May use as desk ornament or add magnet . Very cute when given as set of three or more different colors and expressions. Inexpensive gift for family members or co-workers.

Have a blessed day!



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Large smooth stones (can purchase a bag full at a Home Depot store )
Craft paint the colors of your choice
White craft paint for lettering
Something to protect your work surface
Paint brush
Clear spray paint


1. Wash stones and allow to dry on towel or paper towels.

2. Paint entire rock the color of your choice.

3. With toothpick dipped in white paint , write names of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren , one name on each rock. ( and pets if you wish )

4. Once stones are dry, spray with clear spray paint to protect your stones from the sun and rain.

5. Place in garden or along a path.

****VARIATIONS***  You may have children’s hands painted with craft paint n place their palm print on stone as well.

Have a blessed day!



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Larger rocks paperweight sized
Black craft  paint or base color of your choice
White craft paint or color of your choice to write messages
Something to protect work surface
Clear spray paint
Felt (optional)
Hot glue gun or other glue


1.Wash rocks and let dry.

2.Paint entire rock black or color of your choice.

3. Once dry and completely painted, dip end of a toothpick into white paint and begin printing message. I have found that  using  a toothpick allows for better control of your printing on the rocks uneven surface.

4. Once message is complete, set paperweight aside to dry.

5. Spray all sides of your spiritual rock to make it water resistant so that if it gets wet, the paint will not rub off.

6.If you so desire, you may hot glue felt to bottom of rock to protect desk surface from scratching . If rock is smooth there usually is not a problem.

Inexpensive gift to give a friend, co-worker, pastor or someone you know who is going through a rough time.

Have a blessed day!



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Before eye placement . Click to enlarge


1. Something to protect your work surface
2. Old jar or plastic cup to hold water to wash brushes
3. Paper towels to dry brushes
4. Flat pebbles
6. Small google eyes
7. White craft paint for ladybug dots ( or can make dots black)
8. Small handled paint brush
9. Medium sized paint brush
8. Red or reddish orange craft paint or color of your choice
9. Black craft  paint. This is used for ladybug head and face and to paint line separating wings.
( If you are unable to make straight line with paint brush, you may use black sharpie marker)
10. Small google eyes ( can use awhite dot of paint with smaller black dot in center if unable to find google eyes)

Wash and dry pebbles
Paint entire pebble red or color of your choice and let dry.
Paint head of ladybug black and let dry
Paint line in center of ladybug from head to back end of bug and let dry
Take small handled paint brush and dip into white paint n dot ladybug wings
(OPTIONAL Spray with clear spray paint to make your ladybugs paint last longer.)
After clear spray paint has dried,  carefully glue google eyes on.