I was on line and saw these cute and easy ways to make our own gift boxes and I thought I’d like to share these with you. Christmas is right around the corner and truthfully, it’s not just Christmas time that we often find ourselves needing a gift bag or box to put a gift in for someone. Hope you enjoy these sites.

Repurposing in Home Decorating

Ever want just a different look? Tired of looking at the same home decor day after day? Do you have a wall of family photos with all different frames? Well, change it up a bit. This can easily be accomplished with very little expense to you. Here an idea I hope you will give a try before spending a lot of money or a day shopping to try to find the right sized frames.
Have you just re-painted but don’t like the way your photo frames look in contrast to you new paint color choice? PAINT THEM ! Here’s how.


White or black paint (these colors usually look good on any colored wall) or the color of your choosing

Paint brushes

Craft paint the color of your choice ( you can find at your local Walmart or craft store)

Matte or glossy clear spray paint ( optional

Something to protect your work area

A cardboard box ( package box,pizza box, whatever you have)


1. Remove all your cherished photos and glass from frames and set photos in a safe place where you can store safely for a few hours.

2. Fill sink with soap and water and wash and rinse both sides of your photo frame glass and set on towel to dry.

3. Cover the surface where you plan to paint your frames.

4. Paint sides of all frames only and set aside to dry.

5. When dried, paint the faces of your frames , taking care not to drip down sides of frames. If you are covering dark frames with a lighter color paint do two light coats rather than one heavy coat.

6. Once dried take the frames outside or in your garage with door opened.

7. Spread a cardboard box open onto the floor . Place frames onto it being sure Spray with a clear coat paint . Do not spray too much as this will cause dripping.

7. Be sure not to neglect the old photo inserts that came with your frame. You can use the paint color of your room to paint these, keep them as is if they are not damaged or worn , or reverse them so that they look fresher.

8. Now that your frames are completely dried, you can reinsert photos.

NOTE: When picking craft paint do not use glossy kind. It is less forgiving when you get a drip and not necessary since you will be clear coating . Clear coat spray paint makes them easier to wipe down if dusty and prevents paint from coming off. Please see my blog on GALLERY PERFECT PICTURE HANGING TIP.


Clothespin Dolls
Click image to enlarge

Cute crafts for children. Children enjoy making things themselves. It should be a fun task for them.







Clothespins with round tops

Small wooden balls with holes in bottom ( you can find packages of these in Hobby Lobby or Walmart , Michael’s, any craft place.

Small wooden circles to glue your doll to so that it can stand

Flesh colored paint

White, black, and grey paint. ( if you don’t have grey, add a drop of black to several drops of white and make your own)

Any other colors you’d like for your dolls lips (pink or red) and hair

Popsicle craft sticks for arms or you can substitute pink or tan colored pipe cleaners if you wish movable arms. Cut into thirds.

Fine tipped sharpie marker

Hot glue gun and low temp glue sticks


Pruning shears  in case you need to trim top of clothespin to fit in ball

Old fabric and lace scraps/ ribbon / gloves to make clothes for your doll.

Mug, glass or jar that you don’t mind getting paint on. It will wash off. If you choose plastic cup put a few pebbles  inside so it will be less likely to tip over.

Toothpicks (to use to paint fine details on dolls face

Paint brushes

Something to protect your work surface


1. Glue round wooden ball to clothespin. Sometimes head of round clothespin is difficult to fit into wooden ball. You can shave off piece of clothespin top by using pruning shears .( Mom or Dad do this part please)

2. Holding doll by just under the head, paint inside of dolls legs with flesh colored paint, lying it on its sides to dry.

3. Once dry,  hold by top of clothespin, if you wish socks or shoes on your doll, and paint them on and place clothespin on side of mug to hold till dry.

4. With clothespin on mugs edge, paint head and top part of clothespin flesh colored all the way around.

5. When clothespins is totally dry draw face onto it with sharpie marker. If you want to, you can dip the handle of a small paint brush  into white paint, making dots for eyes. When that dries, dot a black or brown or blue dot in center of white circle with a toothpick dipped into paint color of your choice. You may also , using a toothpick, paint lips pink or red.

6. Once dried, paint on hair color of your choice

7. Once clothespin is completely dry, take a pipe cleaner and twist it around the top part of the body of the clothespin and hot glue into place. Once dried, cut the desired length. If you bend the ends back on itself it looks more like hands. In my photo, you can see, one has Popsicle  sticks for arms. The other pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are flexible so the arms can move. Also, in my photo you can see that the doll in red is what will happen if you don’t make sure legs are facing the right way. 🙂

8. Carefully hot glue fabric onto clothespin for clothes.

NOTE: Be creative. You can cut fingers of old worn gloves and roll it back on itself and put pompom on top and it’s a nice winter hat.

Hope you enjoy!