1. Use a coffee filter instead of paper towels to clean glass and mirrors. You will get a streak and lint free shine.

2. Sand the ends of your paintbrushes flat. You will now have the perfect dotting tool. 

3. Bad odor in a small place? Place coffee in a filter or container and put into your small space.  It will absorb the odor.

4. Have leftover soysauces, duck sauces etc from a takeout meal? Don’t discard. Place in ziplock bag or container and store in refrigerator. They’ll be neatly stored, out of the way and may be useful in a recipe.

5. Like to spray your home with scented sprays? Save money by spraying onto your A/C filter. It will distribute the fresh scent to your entire home at once .

6. Throw pillows getting a little flat? Pop in your dryer on air dry setting for a few minutes.  They will be fluffy as new. If you use a dryer sheet they will smell fresh too.

7. Have too many small wallet sized photos? Buy a roll of magnetic strip and turn them into refrigerator magnets.

8. Love your lamps but have changed your decor colors? Get some craft paint and paint them. Spray with a clear spray paint to finish them off.  

9. Move into a home with old switch plates? Save money and time searching at the store. Take them all off, wash and dry them and spray with white spray paint or whatever color you desire. They will hold up to cleaning for many years.

10.  FOR ADULTS ONLY…. Want a new twist on your hot cocoa? Try adding a teaspoon of amaretto, romana sambvca, or your favorite liqueur .


Diaper cakes are quickly becoming all the rage at baby showers. And rightfully so. They are very cute, can be used as gift table centerpiece and are chock full of goodies for baby. When I make my diaper cakes I try not to use all newborn diapers,as the mom-to-be typically gets loads of diapers as gifts and babies grow quickly. Below is how I make my diaper cakes. As far as toys go,I save McDonald’s Happy Meal Care Bears and other soft toys just for this purpose. They are the perfect size.


1.  36 newborn diapers

2.  36 next sized diapers

3.  Cardboard cake board ( sold at Walmart and at times in dollar store)

4. One  Empty  paper towel or aluminum foil roll. ( I find aluminum foil roll or plastic  wrap roll is sturdier)

5.  Two receiving blankets or one baby bath towel

6. 3 yards of baby ribbon ( Can use solid color or baby print)

7.  Masking or duct tape ( to tape the empty roll to the center of the cake board for stability)

8.  2 yards of 1/8 inch elastic  to hold the diapers in place. You will cover the elastic with the ribbon.

9.  Multiple baby items that can attach to ribbon .Things such as barrettes, baby feeding spoons, pacifiers, baby diaper pins etc.

10. Larger baby toy like small stuffed animal or rattle to put at top of  the cake

11.Rubber-bands – only   three are needed but have more in case you snap one accidentally.

12. Artificial flowers (optional) from the dollar store that match your color scheme.


1.  Place about a six inch piece of tape, two or three inches inside empty towel roll. Attach the rest to the cake board. Then tear off three more pieces and place on outside of paper towel roll to secure to the base of cake board.

2.  Wrap both receiving blankets or one bath towel around the towel roll and secure in place on bottom middle and  top with  rubber-bands. Be sure to fold appropriately so that the blanket is even with the top of  paper towel roll.

3. Now it gets interesting. Fold each of the larger sized diapers in half. With folded part facing as outside of the cake, stand on its side and stack side by side around the cake. When it gets to the point where they are starting to fall over, it is time to place and tie a piece of elastic loosely around the diapers to hold in place for you. Then fill till they are snugly together and fill the circle of the cake board.

4. Fold all smaller diapers in same way and place on top of the bottom layer, Forming  a second tier to the diaper cake.  Attach elastic around this tier as well. Stick any ends of elastic in between diapers to conceal them.

5. Attach ribbon around both tiers to conceal the elastic.

6. If you are giving to a girl attach barrettes evenly around ribbons as a design.

7. If you have purchased flowers, cut stems with scissors to the right height and stick flowers in between diapers taking care not to poke hole in diapers. I find it easier to roll a piece e of tape around wired stem to avoid sharp edges.

8. At top of cake is where you would attach toy , if paper towel is above top layer of diaper cake you can do one of two things: A. Tie toys around the top with elastic to conceal the towel and then apply ribbon with a pretty bow that drapes down front of cake OR B. roll blanket or towel off the tube and cut tube to same height as the top of the cake. Then gently roll the receiving blankets or towel  inwards and put a bigger flower inside as cake topper. Because the stems are made with wire I would roll a piece of tape around bottom of stem to avoid poking hole in blanket or towel. Everyone will love your creation!



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magazine page basket














1. Tear out magazine pages. Trim edges to make clean edges.

2. Take skewer or knitting needle and place at left corner of page on the diagonal. Begin to roll magazine page. When you reach the end you will place a small amount of Elmer’s glue to hold in place. Do not worry if you have some leak out. It will dry clear and be painted with MODGE PODGE later on.

3. Make many tubules out of these pages. When you roll be sure to have the most colorful side of the page faced downward. As you roll, the downfaced side will become the outside of the tubule.

4.Store tubules in a place where they will not be damaged until you feel you have enough to cover the container you have purchased. NOTE: ROUND CONTAINERS ARE EASIER TO DO THAN THE ONE PICTURED IN PHOTOGRAPH WHICH HAS A FLAIRED EDGE.

5. When you think you have enough to go around your container,start pairing the colors you would like to have next to each other. My son likes browns and green so I picked out those colors from my array of tubules.

6. Place one tubule next to your container and cut to size. Cut top of tubule first then turn tubule upside down with now flat part on bottom of your container then cut the top of tubule to the height of your container. Use this as a guide to cut the rest of the tubules to same size.

7. When all tubules are cut begin placing hot glue in straight line onto your container and attach tubule to container. Take care to note where it was tubule was glued shut  so you do not leave that part facing outward. This will ensure down the road that it will not unravel on you.

8. When all tubules are in place turn off glue gun . Find something that will support your project while it dries.(  I used a half gallon milk container filled with water and turned the waste basket upside down onto it.)Then you will begin painting magazine page tubules with two thin  coats of glossy MODGE PODGE . Let dry between coats.

9. While you are waiting for it to dry cut four inch pieces of plastic clothesline till you have many. You can always cut more if you run out.


10. Place about one inch or so of the clothesline inside of a tubule and skip the next tuble and inset other end into the following tubule. The second piece of clothesline will be placed into the second tubule that you skipped over and then you will skip the next tubule from where it is inserted and insert into the following tubule.BE SURE TO ALWAYS WORK BEHIND THE LAST PIECE OF CLOTHESLINE THAT WAS INSERTED TO GET THAT BRAIDEDLOOK.  Then it becomes tricky.

10. SO LETS REVIEW …….SO FAR , CLOTHESLINE PIECE ONE HAS IT’S END IN TUBULES ONE AND THREE. THE SECOND CLOTHESLINE PIECE HAS ITS ENDS IN TUBULES TWO AND FOUR. The next clothesline piece will be placed in tubule three which already has one piece of clothesline in it. This makes it snug. YOU MUST INSERT FROM BEHIND THE ONE ALREADY IN THE TUBULE THREE AND SKIP ONE AND PLACE INTO TUBULE FIVE. the next piece (always inserting behind) will be placed into tubule four behind the piece already in there and skip one and put into next which will be tubule six. Once you realize the pattern, you do not have to count. Do this all the way around. Then repeat on bottom of container. This is decorative as well as functional as if you have water on the floor the paper tubules can absorb but with the plastic / vinyl clothesline it is easily dried with a paper towel and doesn’t ruin the basket.


NOTE: you can decorate oatmeal containers and place barrettes and hair accessories inside. Or use to place a cylindrical vase of flowers inside. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Hope you give it a try. Have fun!