HOMEMADE POTPORRI (photo will be posted soon)

During the holidays we are frequently invited to spur -of -the- moment dinners at friends homes. Not wanting to show up empty handed, we usually stop at the store and get a dessert. This is a lovely gift you can make many of in advance and keep on hand just for these occasions. Making them just before Thanksgiving assures they will be ready at a moments notice. Just grab and go. These warming scents also warm the hearts of the people you give them to.  Who doesn’t love a homemade gift?

You will need:

Star anise


A few oranges

Cinnamon sticks


Vanilla beans cut open and air dried

Old fabric pieces that you have no use for


Card stock

Hole puncher

Sharp scissors or pinking shears

Recycled wide mouth jars or mason jars

Glue stick (optional)

Piece of chalk  or pencil


1.Take oranges and apples and slice extremely thin.

2. Place them single layered with sides not touching, into a 250 degree Fahrenheit oven on a cookie sheet for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. (be sure to check every half hour or so as you do not want them to burn).

3. Once completely dried,  open a few vanilla beans  and allow the oranges apples and vanilla bean to dry overnight in air.

4. The next day add Cinnamon sticks, cloves, and anise stars to the dried mixture.

5.Take a few pieces of each item and place in a glass jar.

6. Using your glass jar lid as a guide, trace the lid with chalk.

7. Cut your fabric a quarter inch larger than the lid  all the way around.

8. Take a slightly dampened napkin or paper towel and ease the chalk mark. If you have used pencil to trace your lid, be sure it is face down on the lid.

9.  Place lid on jar and center your fabric on lid. If you have difficulty keeping fabric centered you can run a glue stick over the lid and prevent fabric from sliding.

10. Cut length of Raffia long enough to tie into a bow.

11. Handwrite or type directions for use onto card stock  that you have punched a hole in.

12. Place raffia through hole on card stock and tie into a nice bow.

DIRECTIONS: Simmer in 2 quarts of water or leave in jar with lid off to give a lovely  holiday scent to your home.

NOTE:  You can print labels to stick on face of jar writing message of your choice.  ie: from Jeanette’s kitchen, Holiday  Scents , Made  with love from our home to yours, etc.

VARIATIONS:  You can tie jingle bells on raffia or hot glue a poinsettia or pine cone to the top. Be creative. Have fun!


Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge


Angel hair Christmas balls (inexpensive but have strong styrofoam underneath)

White textured fake snow paint

White acrylic paint

Fine white glitter

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Two Old pickle jars  or other glass jars

Paint brush

Sealable sandwich bag ( to hold ornament hangers for later use)

Sheet of waxed paper or computer paper. Either of these can be helpful in returning glitter back to its container)

White or light blue  gift wrapping tissue paper to store your snowballs

Robe or shirt boxes



1. Start by removing all the fine hair off the balls and remove the hanger by twisting and pulling and set aside into sealable sandwich bag so you do not lose. You will replace these after completing your snowball ornament.

2. Insert wooden skewer into all balls . These serve as a handle to make painting all sides easier.

3. After painting ball a base coat or two , if needed, insert skewered ball into glass jar to hold until it is dry.

4. Once all balls are dry, remove from jar and begin painting textured snow paint onto entire ball .

5. Over paper, sprinkle fine white glitter onto fake snow. Once completely covered, place ends of skewers back into jar to dry. Because of thickness of fake snow, it may take an hour or more to be thoroughly dry.

6. As needed, fold paper and use as a funnel to return glitter back into glitter jar.

7. Once balls are dry, hold snowball and remove skewer. Place a drop of hot glue onto end of ornament hanger and insert into hole on snowball.

8. Place tissue paper inside shirt or robe box as if you were packaging a gift.

Take tissue paper and fold in half to form a large triangle and twist. This will serve as the separation paper to prevent balls from touching each other or rolling around in box. Just wind around sides of balls so they do not touch other balls.

9. Placing into shirt or robe box with white or light blue tissue paper prevents them from yellowing over the years. (The ones in photograph was taken in 2014, they were 15 years old ! )