I’m deeply concerned about where these United States have gone in the last eight years. It is very scary for those of us who spend a little time researching the facts about the people we will vote for. This in part is why we are in the shape we are today. People don’t research the facts. I read an article today about a latino girl, as she described herself, who went to a Trump rally with her sister who wanted to hear Donald Trump speak. The elder sister really doesnt like the way republicans treat Latinos per the article. If you google Latinos conta trump shirt you can read it for yourself. The girl went to the rally with her sister and put a sweater over her supposed protest shirt and when it got hot she took it off. The family of trump called her supposedly to take a photo with them and she later commented on how they didn’t notice her shirt. Then went on to say how they made themselves look stupid. I personally think the story was idiotic and did nothing to support her cause.The article was titled saying trump is so out of touch with Latinos and millenials and our bought media posted it this way. I think that If she were representing Latinos that’s truly a shame because I am Hispanic and feel her representation of herself is what was made to look bad. ALL LATINOS ARE NOT LIKE HER. They are young and no doubt believe everything they hear on TV. I feel she 1. Was sneaky and deceitful by wearing the shirt hidden till halfway through the rally. Knowing maybe they wouldn’t let her in is why she had it covered in the first place. 2. She was phony for going to an event to a speaker she didn’t like.but, I’ll give her that she was doing it for her sister. 3. Is opportunistic as now she is selling tshirts with the logo making money on his name. The same Latino who feels so disenfranchised by the republicans. Unbelievable. 4. She is not smart. This country caters to Hispanics/Latinos. Every phone call you make has the recordings in English and Spanish. So ignorant, opportunistic, phony,sneaky and deceitful is an unfair assessment of all Latinos. It is reflective of this one girls character and NOT all Latinos or me! If Hillary gets in office this world is going to be much worse than it is now. If you are serious about wanting to get our United States back to the way it used to be, get out and vote. Research these candidates. Hillary has proven herself to be our enemy. I watched this video last night of trumps Gettsysburg speech.it was phenomenal. While he is not a politician and speaks his mind, he does love this country and the things that are wrong with it he knows how to fix. It is a bit scary that he has no political experience however, he can learn. He already is liked and respected by many country leaders just from his travels and his business dealings. If you truly want to vote please research the candidates. The democrats already have started trying to rig the election so Hillary wins. This is in and of itself a crime. But they are many who believe the mainstream media who are saying it is Russia doing it. Obama and Hillary still say its Russia and are trying to place a no fly zone over Syria . This WILL cause world war III and will possibly result in nuclear. The no fly zone will mean we have to shoot down Russian planes that are attempting for the last few weeks to help their allies in Syria fight Isis. Please folks research all you can before you vote. People say they’ll vote for Mickey mouse or some other third party. Or not vote at all. This is a mistake. Every non vote or every third party vote is a vote for Hillary. I love this country and hate the mess this country is in that worsens by the day. Please vote. There are more other important things on the ballot as well that need your vote. Congressman, senators, school officials, environment issues, sheriffs JUDGES. Please vote.

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