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I do have to note that this is only the fourth one that I have done.  I recently took the one my son and I did at his house and brought it to my house . It was far too large for his space so I planted it in my garden. It is even bigger now and flourishing in the Florida sun.  I know for any of them to fruit they need to be pollinated. I’m not a gardener per say, I dabble here and there to find info I want to learn. The rest, let’s say I wing it. Lol. I am hoping by planting this other one that maybe they can be pollinated and one day bear fruit.   And I pray Monsanto hasn’t  gotten to our pineapples . Monsanto crops only bear fruit once. Plus they have pesticides. That’s a whole other blog that I will post one day on my companion site Anyway, I love pineapples.  Here’s how to make your own pineapple plant.. Hope you’ll give it a try. Fun for children because it is successful 100% of the time. No dying plants to discourage young gardeners. Or old gardeners for that matter! 🙂


A grocery store pineapple


Eventually, a good potting soil

Large clay pot or ceramic pot with drainage hole.


1. Take your hand and put it at the base of the top greenery and hold firmly.

2. Twist the bottom of the pineapple as far as you have to, until the plant part comes off.

3. Take each bottom leave and pull toward the bottom till it falls off. Continue doing this all the way around until you have pulled off five to six rows of leaves.

4.Place the plant in a container with only enough water to cover the part without leaves.

5. Keep an eye on the water level as it soaks up water pretty easily. Change water daily.

6.Once you have good roots, place in a large clay pot.

NOTE: In a few days you will see roots. If you buy a very ripe one or let it ripen well in your home before you twist the plant off, roots will already have started growing. The picture I have posted is after two days in water. I twisted top off after pineapple was yellow and many roots were already growing. Have fun! If you want them to bear fruit, be sure to plant a few in your garden so they can be pollinated. In this ever worsening economy, it’s going to be good to know how to grow our own foods. If you don’t have a garden, even potted, it still is a great looking plant!


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I don’t care for pears so I really don’t care for canned or jarred fruit cocktail. I do love fruit though, so when the children were small I decided to invent my own fruit cocktail so they wouldn’t have to eat pears either. Now that I’m older, I realize that just because I don’t like something didn’t mean they wouldn’t have. However, I think mine tastes better. You be the judge. It’s a literal ” Dump it all in” easy recipe. Perfect for barbecues  and days you have no desserts in the house or just feel like some fruit. Aside from slicing the peach slices into thirds and the maraschino cherries in half there’s really nothing else to do. Of course if you like pears you can throw a can in. 🙂


1 -16 oz. can of sliced peaches in heavy syrup ( I do cut each into thirds so they are easy to eat with a spoon)

1-20 oz can of pineapple chunks (Packed in pineapple juice)

1-10 oz. jar of maraschino cherries. Cut cherries in half and add to bowl.

Add about 20-25 seedless green or red grapes or both

1-15 oz can or jar of mandarin oranges


1. Place all juice from peaches into  a large bowl

2. Cut peach slices  in thirds or fourths  and add to bowl.

3. Put entire can of pineapple chunks into bowl .

4. Add as many grapes as you want. Usually 20-25 is good. You don’t really need to count them. Use the smaller ones of the bunch or can cut big ones in half.

5. Take cherries out of their juice. Cut cherries in half and put in bowl. If you don’t mind red fruit cocktail you can put that juice in there too.

6. Put entire can of mandarin oranges in and stir.

7. Chill well and serve.

VARIATIONS: I  have add diced bananas , melon or cantaloupe cubes if I have these in the house and they are getting overly ripened. If you choose to make this for a party , skip the bananas. Many  children are allergic to bananas. And of course, those of you who like pears can dump a can of pears in the mix.  Whatever you have, really, if you like it, by all means, add it. Enjoy!