24 clever things to do with wine glasses

photo-25I was browsing the Internet and found this article on buzz feed! How lovely! How simple to do too. These were from a site called keeper of the Cheerios . I tried my hand at it and came up with the below picphoto-3

I painted the glasses from inside with regular craft paint so that  if I wiped the outside of the glass, the paint wouldn’t come off . Then I hot glued the feathers and pine cones and bells on. Around the stems I just wrapped pipe cleaners and then put a candle on top. 

Below was another very cool site.! 



Site under construction . Photo will be posted soon.

Holidays are expected events that have the same colors and the same decorations each year. We have the biggies, Christmas , Easter , Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, New Years and many others . There’s Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day and a host of others. I was thinking, that’s a lot of decorations to store.

If you are anything like me, you are blessed with a lot of stuff but, not a lot of space to store it in. So, as I have gotten older (and find myself running out of storage for all my new creations) I thought,  ” Why not make a decoration that has interchangeable parts to it? ” So, I sat around thinking about what I could use that could be the base and fitting for all seasons. And, I have created the All-purpose wreath and the all purpose table  centerpiece. It looks great with a pillar candle in its center.

NOTE: I did not make all holiday items on the same day. I went with the idea of it being an interchangeable wreath and started with Christmas. When it came to valentines day I made those interchangeable parts  and so on. As for the flowers, I repurposed ones I already had. There are a million things you can use for each diferent holiday. I’ve listed only some ideas.

You will need:

A small wreath ( mine is the green Christmas type but you can substitute with twined wooden ones)

Floral wire or other wire

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1/2 inch ribbon ( color or holiday design specific to wrap randomly around wreath or to create bows)

Large ziplock Baggie ( to store your wreath and other baggies that will contain each holidays interchangeable items

White craft paint if you desire to mimic snow on pine cones and to flock interchangeable wreath branches.

A  pillar candle. ( white seems to go well with all holidays)

NOTE : Some ideas of inexpensive things you can use are: Tiny Easter eggs ( plastic and wooden ones can be found in craft stores or walmart), American  flag cupcake toothpicks, Shamrock cupcake toothpicks! Easter cupcake toothpicks, small pine cones, nuts of your choosing still in their shells ( walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts etc.), mini snowflakes, jingle bells, mini candy canes ( preferably plastic), an additional wreath to break into branches and flock with white paint.


  1. First separate your holiday  items.
  2. Take your wreath and place it in front of you and figure out where you’d like to place items on wreath. Put items onto wreath ( without connecting) until you have the design you like.
  3. Determine the length you need your wire to be. Hot glue each piece onto the floral wire.
  4. If you have chosen to add ribbon, place ribbon first then Place wired items into your wreath.
  5. If you are using tiny flags or shamrocks from cupcake toothpicks, I found it nicer to remove toothpick and glue two together, with wire placed inside.


Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

Cute little guys to hang on your tree. Children can do all the painting however, I recommend Mom or Dad do the hot gluing and prune shear cutting to avoid injury.







Round topped wooden clothespins ( can find in local dollar store, Walmart or craft store

Bag of Popsicle craft sticks


Wooden skewers

Pruning shears to cut Popsicle sticks

Assorted paints

Flesh color for hands and face

Black or silver for skis

Whatever color you wish for ski persons pants and shirt

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Decorative thin cord or ribbon to hang your ornament

Kitchen Twine of any color for scarf ( Dollar Tree stores have bag of three colors each in children’s craft section all year round)

Old wire cake cooling rack  ( this is my all time favorite thing to dry crafts on when you paint both sides at once)


1. Paint head of clothespin with flesh color.

2.Paint skier’s shirt front and back and set on rack to dry.

3. Once dry, paint skiers pants. and set on rack to dry.

4. Can paint boots if you wish to . I did not.

5. Paint some Popsicle sticks , front and back, the  color you wish the shirt to be and set aside to dry. These will later become the arms.

6. Once dry, measure  how long you need arms to be and cut that length off Popsicle stick with pruning shears. ( PARENTS PLEASE DO THIS PART TO AVOID INJURY) . Touch up with chosen colored paint.

7.  Paint flesh colored tips onto both sides of ends of arms to represent skiers hands. Set aside to dry.

8. Round off corners of  flat part of the Popsicle stick with pruning shears. This part will become skiers shoulders. Touch up exposed wood and set aside to dry.

9. Paint Popsicle sticks front and back black or silver and set on cooling rack to dry. These will become the skis.

10.  Using pruning shears, cut Popsicle  sticks in half. You will need one Popsicle  stick for each pair of skis. Touch up with paint where the exposed wood is and set aside to dry.

10. Cut off point of skewer and paint skewers the color you chose for skis and set aside to dry.

11. Paint hair on your skier.

12. With the end of a skewer dipped into paint, dot eyes and make smile.

13. When clothespin is totally dried, hot glue the clothespin to the skis. Be sure rounded part of ski is used for front of skis.

14. Glue arms on with arms partially extended ( see photo).

15.  Take your black or silver skewers and cut to make the poles the skier will hold. DO NOT CUT THESE FIRST. Depending on how far you extended your skiers arms will determine the length you will need to glue to side of hand facing skiers body and then to side of skiers pant leg near ski.

16. When gluing on poles to hands and skis I took hot glue and placed with skewer to avoid large area of glue.

17. Now, if you wish, you can braid colored kitchen twine to make a scarf. Place dab of hot glue on back of neck and attach hanging ribbon or cord and this will also hold scarf in place. Glue scarf to side of skiers shirt near arm to hold in place.

You will create memories for your child each Christmas when you bring them out to place on tree.


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snow scene
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I am a firm believer in keeping it simple.  I do  love Christmas.  As most of us know, Christmas is a very busy, and depending on the size of your family, can be a quite costly time of year.  This is why, any chance I get,  I make things to give as gifts for Christmas to friends, family and co-workers. As you might imagine, I am wrapping Christmas gifts all year. Some of my friends laugh and say, ” You’re thinking of Christmas already? ”

click on image to enlarge
click on image to enlarge

However, when Christmas finally arrives, my expenses and workload are minimal because I have most of my homemade gifts already made. I recently decided to try my hand at rock painting. Wouldn’t you know it? After painting a few I thought, ” Oh, maybe I could make some for Christmas!”. So here are a few of my designs for Christmas Rocks. What would you do with them, you ask? I have no idea. But I’ll tell you what I plan to do with mine. Stocking stuffers that can be brought out and placed on a table or desk every year, refrigerator magnets, shelf decorations. You are limited only by your imagination. Most people love homemade gifts. This is one that can have people thinking of you each time they see it.

Have a blessed day!


 photo to be downloaded soon

2. WHITE ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT (glossy or flat your choice)
3. RED ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT (or what color you wish your scarf to  be but remember, you will  need red for reindeer tongue if you choose to have open mouthed smile).
6. SMALL PAINT BRUSH ( I used 1/4 inch angular shader brush)
8. TOOTHPICK OR WOODEN SKEWER ( for eyebrows and dotting eyes)
9. GLUE GUN AND GLUE STICKS ( you can use regular household glue but I find it messy and takes longer to dry. ) CHILDREN SHOULD NOT USE HOT GLUE TO AVOID BURNS. 10. POM POMS ( the color of your choice for ear muffs)
11. PIPECLEANERS  the color of your ear muff Pom Poms. (May use black if you don’t have ones the same color )
12. RED OR BLACK POM POM (for reindeer nose)
13. DARK BROWN PIPECLEANERS (for reindeer antlers.
14. PAPER OR OLD PLASTIC LID (for putting paint on)
15. GOOGLE EYES (optional)
1. Take clean clay flower pot and paint tan or brown on top and sides to the rim of flower pot. Do not worry if you get some on the rim as you will be painting that a different color.( I personally prefer a lighter shade of brown so that reindeer antlers are a better contrast)

2. After you are satisfied with the coverage of the coats of tan paint, let dry.

3.  Begin  painting the scarf color on the rim .(I found it easier to hold my other hand inside flower pot and turn as I painted). Paint till you have the coverage that you like .

4. Turn the flower pot upside down and set down as you would a normal flower pot, so you can paint the very edge of the rim with the scarf color and let dry.

5. Put a little white paint on a piece of paper or old plastic lid  and dot the back of  small paintbrush handle into paint then dot scarf  all the way around . If you want scarf to have hearts rather than dots,  you put two dots side by side and pull down with brush handle to connect dots at bottom to form hearts. Set pot aside to let dry thoroughly.( If you are not sure you can evenly space, start with entire front first then sides. This will ensure any uneven spacing will be in the back and not visible.)

6.  Once it has completely dried, if you are not using google eyes,  put small amount of black paint onto paper or old plastic lid and take back of  small brush handle and dip into black paint to dot eyes. Then in a circular motion you draw eyes the circular size you wish them to be OR  use larger handled brush to make dots for eyes.
(It helps to tap onto paper or lid (one time only) if you have too much paint on handles end.  It will make perfect circles. Let eyes dry,  lying flower pot on its side flat. I achieved this by resting into an old crumpled towel to keep pot straight and avoid eyes from dripping.)

7. Once eyes are dry , dip end of small paint brush into black paint and  mark
where smile will end on each side. Then make a semicircle smile or make an open mouth to show tongue and/ or teeth. Let dry completely resting again on towel to keep straight while drying.

8. Paint nose red or black if you have no pompoms. (Pom poms look nicer though because they give dimension to your reindeer.)

9. Once eyes are completely dry, if you have not opted to use google eyes,  dip pointy end of toothpick into white paint  place dot or apostrophe shape ( ‘)  into eye in same place on each eye to mimic shine. Let dry.

10. Dip pointy end of skewer into black paint n draw eyebrows. Again, place onto towel to keep straight till dry.

11. Then take toothpick, dip into red paint and make tongue inside open mouth if you chose to have open mouth reindeer smile. Once that has been laid flat to dry, you can then add teeth if you so desire.

12. Insert 2 dark brown pipecleaners  into hole of pot  and bend inside of pot. Then pot some hot glue on end of skewer to place under bent pipecleaners so they may stick to pot. Bend antlers as desired.

13. Hot glue ear muff colored pipecleaner across top of flower pot hole and down side to where your Pom Pom earmuffs  will be.

14. Hot glue ear muffs where they should be.

15. Hot glue google eyes in place. I found it easier and less messy to put tiny glue dot or tiny dab of hot glue on back of  google eye and place onto pot. Remember, just tiny amount so that when you press google eye into place, no glue will be seeping out from around eyes .

You can personalize reindeer by dipping skewer into black paint and putting name or greeting  across front of scarf.
Have a blessed day!

Christmas pom-pom teddy bear

Click on photo to enlarge
Click on photo to enlarge


HOT GLUE GUN AND GLUE STICKS ***** Children should not use hot glue guns to avoid burns*****
NOTE: Bear can be made in the color of your choice and may sit on a shelf or hang from Christmas tree.


1. Take two large Pompoms and glue together. This will be the bear’s stomach and back.

2. Glue one large pompom on the pompom on the back side to represent bears head.

3. Glue two smaller pompoms for bear’s feet and hands.

4. Glue  two smaller pompoms to represent bears ears.

5. Glue smaller Pom Pom to front of head for bear’s snout

6. Glue small black Pom Pom to snout to represent nose.

7. Tie ribbon around bear’s neck and make bow.Cut to size

8. If desired, glue a mini Christmas tree ornament onto bear.

9. Thread needle with transparent thread and push through head of bear leaving a large loop for hanging bear on the head of bear and come out behind neck of bear. Then make another stitch from backside of neck going through to front of bear’s neck. Knot and tie off. Bow of Ribbon will then hide end of threads.

10. Glue on google eyes. I found it easier to hold google eye with tweezers and put small dab of glue on back of eye and then place. This eliminates the notorious glue strands that will not look nice on the pompom.

Have a blessed day!



Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

1. Package of flat clothespins ( or two pkgs. depending on how many you wish to make. Each reindeer takes three clothespins.). each reindeer takes two clothespins. You can make with three clothespins if you wish side views to show back and front legs.
2. Brown or tan acrylic paint. (You can leave unpainted if you wish or mix dark brown paint with a bit of water to give a stained look)
3. Black acrylic craft paint
4. White acrylic craft paint
5. Red acrylic craft paint ( for reindeer tongue , if you wish open mouth smile)
5.Tiny red Pom Pom for Rudolph’s nose

6. Mini tree ornaments to hang on reindeers neck
7. Mini garland ( optional ) to make wreath

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

8. Paint brushes (0ne small handled brush and one slightly larger)
9. Old plastic lids ( one for each child if doing with children)
10. Jars or styrofoam cups for water to wash brushes
11. Paper towels
12. Shower curtain from dollar store to protect work surface if doing with children
13. Thin  Ribbon or wire for hanging
15. Tiny google eyes ( optional)




1.  Inspect clothespins for uneven wood between clothespins. If you cannot brush out with dry paintbrush use a piece of sandpaper to smooth.

2. Paint both clothespins entirely with brown paint. Don’t forget the inside. Set aside . Allow to dry. ( I use a muffin cooling rack)

3. When clothespins are dry, take black paint to resemble hooves on bottom part of clothespin. Set aside to dry.

4. If you cannot find tiny google eyes (they ARE hard to find) Put a tiny amount of white paint onto plastic lid. Take the second clothespin and dip the back of a  larger paintbrush handle into white paint and make two white dots for beginnings of reindeer eyes. Set aside to dry.

5. When eyes are dry, take smaller brush handle and dip into black paint. Make black dot in center of white dot and set aside to dry.

6. Dip end of pointy toothpick into black paint and paint the reindeer’s smile. Leave enough space to glue on reindeer’s tiny pompom nose.

7. Have parent hot glue flat ends of two leg clothespins together then reverse the second clothespin so that open ends are facing up and appear as antlers, and hot glue to body portion of reindeer, putting ribbon or wire in between before gluing. Glue reindeer faced clothespin slightly higher than bottom clothespin so that reindeer has a chest area ( see photo before gluing).

8. Attach mini Christmas ornament and hot glue in place on chest or in back of neck area.

9. If making wreath to go around neck measure twisted garland and do not cut till you have measured size that looks best. Hot glue in place behind the neck area.

So lovely for Christmas tree ornament, a Grandma or teacher gift from children, or to decorate a gift.

Have a blessed day!


Click photo to enlarge
Click photo to enlarge


Package of clothespins ( the kind with springs on them) Need 8 for each snowflake
White craft paint
Paint brush
White glitter
Wooden circles or hearts ( for centers, I put then on front and back for stability and looks. Find too in local dollar store.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Ribbon for hanging
Re-sealable plastic bag to store springs for a different project
Wire muffin cooling rack ( for allowing painted clothespins to dry)
Newspaper or waxed paper
Clothes hangers ( to clip on finished snowflakes to hang till  dry)
Clips or ornament hanger wire ( to hang ribbon onto clothes hanger)


1. Twist clothespins to remove wire springs and store wire springs in plastic bag for another craft.

2. Paint all sides of clothespins white and place on wire rack to dry. You can place paper under rack to protect work surface.

3. Once dry paint a second coat.  Set aside to dry.

4. Paint center pieces of wood on both sides and set aside to dry.

5. Once dry, hot glue flat sides together keeping points on same end. Do this to all of them EXCEPT CLOTHESPIN NUMBER EIGHT. BEFORE HOT GLUING NUMBER EIGHT hot glue ribbon ends to one flat side of clothespin then hot glue other clothespin to it.

6. Hot glue point tips of two opposing clothespins together to form a long stick and then hot glue others individually to join in the center.

7. Once all eight clothespins are joined in the center, hot glue centers on.

8. Paint another light coat of white paint on front and back sides and sprinkle both sides with glitter.

9. Hang ribbon to ornament hook or wire and place on clothes hanger to dry. Several can fit on



Click on photo to enlarge
Click on photo to enlarge

                                         YOU WILL NEED:

1. White acrylic craft paint ( to mimic look of snow aka flocking )

2. Inexpensive tube of Christmas balls from local dollar store

3. Wreath from local dollar store

4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks

5. floral wire

6. Holly berry plant from local dollar store and any other cute items you may  want   on your wreath

7. Pine cones you have purchased or gathered yourself  ( Rinse with soap and water if gathering yourself and let dry. Do not soak or pine cones will close)

8. Any other pretty thing you want to include. Using odd numbers looks best and  is     a well-known florist secret for beautiful arrangements.

9. One inch paint brush.

10.  Coat hanger. I hang my painted wreaths on a hanger on my shower curtain rod till they are dry.

11. Old shower curtain or washable/ disposable table cloth . Also can be found at dollar store. THIS PROTECTS YOUR WORK SURFACE FROM PAINT SPLATTERS.

12. Wire cutter or sturdy scissor capable of cutting thin wire


1. Open your wreath and arrange wreath until it looks very full. You may look at dollar store wreaths and think they are too skimpy. However, all my photos were from those skimpy looking wreaths. Trust me…. With a little time and patience they open beautifully and once all your items are attached they look very full.

2. Take paint brush. Dip into paint and scrape most of paint off to avoid blobs. Then begin brushing paint onto different parts of wreath all around to mimic fresh fallen snow. NOTE: Be sure to get paint inside the leaves facing in the middle of wreath.

3. Hang wreath around top of hanger and place somewhere to dry. As I said before, I used my curtain rod on bathroom shower curtain. Very helpful and out of the way if you are making more than one.

4. Take dried pine cones and hold at wider base . Dip brush with paint and run paint brush down pine cone to the ends till all the tips of pine cones leaves are coated well.  Set them aside to dry.

5. Take all Christmas balls and remove top hanger piece and place back onto ball after putting drop of hot glue inside. ( I do this to ensure they will never fall apart.)

6. When pine cones are dry, wrap wire around wider end of pine cone under leaves of pine cone and twist. Leave enough wire to attach to wreath later. More is best as if you cut wire too short and you would have to start over. Can wrap wire around coat hanger and hang by wreaths if you cannot finish that day and need work space.

7. Take dried wreath and place pine cones, unattached, on top of wreath in place where you’d like them to go. This is sort of like a test run. you are just playing with placement to see where things look best. Then place wire through ornament holder top on balls and randomly place balls around the wreath, again NOT ATTACHING, till you think it looks as you want it to look.

8. Leave all things lying on top of the wreath in the place that you chose. Cut berry plant into many smaller pieces and attach each to a single strand of wire and place where you think it looks nice.

9. Add any extra things you like , placing where you like best and then when you are satisfied with look of wreath, begin attaching.  NOTE: IF YOU CHOSE TO REMOVE ITEMS FROM WREATH  AND ATTACH, TAKE A PHOTO OF IT FIRST TO ENSURE EVERYTHING WILL BE PLACED BACK ON THE WAY YOU LIKED IT.

10. TAKE TWO OR THREE PIECES OF WIRE AND TWIST AROUND TO MAKE THICK WIRE. DO THIS LAST. You need to turn wreath fully decorated all ways before determining which part should be the top.