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Photo is one I made to welcome my Aunt Vera, Uncle Roland and cousins when they visited for my son’s military retirement ceremony. They are my favorite family members and I wanted them to know they were special to me. I wanted them to feel welcome.




Small crate or sturdy basket

Assorted seashells Wooden cut out letters ( you can find these in any Walmarts in the craft section)

Paint ( the color of your choice or you can leave wood color)



Hot glue gun with LOW TEMPERATURE glue sticks

Whatever you would like to present to your guests


1. Paint a wooden tangerine crate or use an already made sturdy basket.

2. Paint  your wooden  cut out letters that spell the word welcome.

3. Glue wooden letters onto basket.

4. Glue seashells onto basket on all sides in a random fashion.

5.  Then starting on the underside, hot glue netting all around. This is tricky because you need to wait a second or two and use a bamboo skewer to quickly press netting into place. If you use the tip of the glue gun, the netting will melt.

5. Wrap netting around the crate and hot glue in place to the bottom of basket. This mimics the look of a fishing net and you will not see it once you insert the raffia.

NOTE: I rarely use netting so I don’t buy it. I save turkey bags, onion bags, tangerine bags etc.. And re-purpose them

6. You then filled it with raffia on the bottom and place items in the basket that they may have forgotten like toothbrushes, toothpaste, sewing kit, mouthwash, hand lotion, cologne, Tylenol ( in case anyone got a headache) , tea bags ( my Aunt loves only Lipton tea ) and other assorted goodies like candies, mints,. They loved it.

NOTE: You can use a myriad of things such as stamps, post cards for your guest to send to friends, writing pad , pen and envelopes and whatever you think your guest will like.