Is your Welcome mat screaming, “HELP ME! ” instead?

Door Mat (Before)
Door Mat (Before)

Due to the invention of garage door openers, I rarely use my front door.I have had it painted white since 1985 LOL. I wanted a bright cheery color for some time now. I did know that my welcome mat has been worn for some time now but did not have the means to replace it.

After painting my front door, my welcome mat not only looked worn, it was screaming, ” Help Me! ” . So, I decided to paint it. Yes, paint. It is a rubber mat, very thick and sturdy. So I took the exterior door paint and painted all the trim and designs that were raised and the flat surfaces I painted black as it originally was. Then I took craft paint and painted the flowers. Once dry, I coated it with three coats of clear spray paint that bonds to plastic so that it would protect the paint from rain and make it last longer.

Door Mat (After)
Door Mat (After)

The results? Well, I am very happy with how it turned out, MY FRONT DOOR is saying, “THANK YOU! ” and my WELCOME MAT is saying, ” WELCOME ” again. Hope that you’ll give this a try. It’s like a custom doormat and matches the door perfectly. Let me know what you think once pics are posted. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Is your Welcome mat screaming, “HELP ME! ” instead?

    1. Thankyou trixie! I had been wanting to do a bright color for years on my door just always thought maybe it wouldn’t look good. Then when I finally did my doormat was crying lol. So now it matches and I’m very happy. I see you are like me, into the DIY side of life. I think we get better results, get EXACTLY what we want and pay next to nothing to do it. 🙂 WIN WIN

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  1. kelleysdiy

    Ohhhh…you did such a great job on your mat! Love it. It is so funny you asking me to check out this post…I have been painting my front doors….I may have flubbed on the color…ugh! Love your articles!


    1. Ditto! I love yours. I told my son to bring his home and he came out great! I love doing that stuff. Did you see my seashell Christmas wreath! 🙂 right up your alley. Cost me a wonderful day at the beach and two dollars in the dollar for the wreath and one for the merry Christmas thing. Those wreaths look so flimsy but if you take them out and bend them properly and then flip a white paint brush that’s got most of the paint rubbed off the brush you can flock it. All those wreaths are dollar store wreaths. 🙂 thanks so much for your kind words! I appreciate them

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