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I am a firm believer in keeping it simple.  I do  love Christmas.  As most of us know, Christmas is a very busy, and depending on the size of your family, can be a quite costly time of year.  This is why, any chance I get,  I make things to give as gifts for Christmas to friends, family and co-workers. As you might imagine, I am wrapping Christmas gifts all year. Some of my friends laugh and say, ” You’re thinking of Christmas already? ”

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However, when Christmas finally arrives, my expenses and workload are minimal because I have most of my homemade gifts already made. I recently decided to try my hand at rock painting. Wouldn’t you know it? After painting a few I thought, ” Oh, maybe I could make some for Christmas!”. So here are a few of my designs for Christmas Rocks. What would you do with them, you ask? I have no idea. But I’ll tell you what I plan to do with mine. Stocking stuffers that can be brought out and placed on a table or desk every year, refrigerator magnets, shelf decorations. You are limited only by your imagination. Most people love homemade gifts. This is one that can have people thinking of you each time they see it.

Have a blessed day!


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WHITE ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT (glossy or flat your choice)

ORANGE ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT (for nose. You can mix yellow and red to make orange)

RED ACRYLIC CRAFT PAINT (or whatever color you wish your scarf to be)


SMALL PAINT BRUSH ( I used 1/4 inch angular brush)


TOOTHPICK OR WOODEN SKEWER ( for eyebrows and dotting eyes)

GLUE GUN AND GLUE STICKS ( You can use regular household glue but I find it messy and takes longer to dry. Adults beware: CHILDREN SHOULD NOT USE HOT GLUE TO AVOID BURNS. )

POM POMS ( the color of your choice)

PIPE CLEANERS  that are the color of your Pom Poms. May use black if you do not have the same color.



1. Take clean clay flower pot and paint white on top and sides to the rim of flower pot. Do not worry if you get some on the rim as you will be painting that a different color.

2. After you are satisfied with the coverage of the coats of white paint, let dry.

3.  Begin  painting the scarf color on the rim . (I found it easier to hold my other hand inside flower pot and turn as I painted). Paint till you have the coverage that you like .

4. Turn the flower pot upside down and set down as you would a normal flower pot, so you can paint the very edge of the rim with the scarf color and let dry.

5. Put a little white paint on a piece of paper or old plastic lid  and dot the back of paintbrush handle into paint then dot scarf  all the way around . If you want scarf to have hearts you put two dots side by side and pull down with brush handle to connect dots at bottom to form hearts. Then let dry thoroughly. ( If you are not sure you can evenly space, start with entire front first then sides. This will ensure any uneven spacing will be in the back and not visible.)

6.  Once it has completely dried,  put small amount of paint onto paper or old plastic lid and take back of  large brush handle and dip into black paint to dot eyes. Then in a circular motion you draw eyes the circular size you wish them to be OR  use larger handled brush to make dots for eyes.

(It helps to tap onto paper or lid if you have too much paint on handles end.  It will make perfect circles. Let dry,  lying flower pot on its side flat. I achieved this by resting into an old towel to keep pot straight and avoid eyes from dripping.)

7. Once eyes are dry , dip end of small paint brush into black paint and  mark where smile will end on each side. Then make dots into semicircle smile. Let dry completely resting again on towel to keep pot straight while drying thus avoiding dripping.

8. Paint carrot nose by dipping skewer point into paint and drawing the carrot nose then fill in with skewer. Again rest into towel to keep straight and avoid dripping and Let dry completely.

9. Once completely dry, dip pointy end of toothpick into white paint  place dot or apostrophe shape ( ‘)  into eye in same place on each eye to mimic shine. Let dry.

10. Dip pointy end of skewer or toothpick into black paint n draw eyebrows. Again, place pot into towel to keep straight till dry.

11. Then take toothpick, dip into white paint dragging once onto lid or paper to remove blobs of paint n draw fine lines across top of carrot nose.

11. Hot glue pipe cleaner across top of head covering flower pot hole and down side to where your Pom Pom earmuffs  will be.


1. Take twine or ribbon and loop through jingle bell and tie knot at bell and also at where it will be inserted into flower pot. Insert the loop  from inside of flower pot through flower pot hole for hanging. Knot will prevent it from coming all the way out of top so that bell can jingle inside. However, you may want to put a dab of hot glue around inside of flower pot around hole to prevent ribbon or twine from slipping back through from weight of jingle bell . I recommend doing this by first inserting ribbon then placing dab of hot glue on skewer n placing on top of knot. And pulling ribbon up on outside till knot touches pot on inside and hold till dry. This will avoid burns working in such small areas.

2. Secondly, you can personalize by dipping skewer into black paint and putting name or greeting  across front of scarf.