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LEMON MOUSE (  Yes I do mean mouse and not mousse.)


Peppercorns or cloves
Toothpicks or skewer
Paring knife or sharp steak knife
Kitchen shears (optional)



1. Slice small area off of worst side of lemon to make a flat base so mouse can stand and not roll.  Do not discard cut piece.

2. Locate the pointy part of the lemon. This end end will be the mouse’s face.

3.From piece you cut off lemon,  scrape lemon off the  peel and cut two round shapes. You may use kitchen shears if you wish.  Then poke two  slits with knife on top of front end and insert circles. This will be the mouse’s ears.
( I found it helpful to cut circle pattern till close to end of circle and make a square piece jutting downward to be easier. It is easier to insert in slit and  to stay put in slit.)

4. With  a toothpick or skewer poke two holes where eyes will be and then push clove or peppercorns in holes to create the mouse’s eyes.

5. Poke three holes with toothpick or skewer on sides of nose and carefully insert chives for whiskers.

6. If you wish a tail, use potato peeler or paring knife and slice lemon peel and attach with toothpick to hind end of mouse.

7. With a toothpick, poke two or three small holes where the whiskers will be. With scissors, cut chives to size.

Have a blessed day!