JaxyCatDoes anyone happen to know of any cat rescues in the Jacksonville Florida area? We have an URGENT Need for a home for an extremely loveable cat we have named JAXY. She appears to have been dumped by someone because she is pregnant.
She looks like a tuxedo cat, black and white however, she has no tail. Not sure what happened there! Coulda been born that way. No apparent injury. She is very clean, very friendly, no fleas, and extremely loveable. From day one we have been able to pick her up and she purrs and rubs on you.

We cannot keep her but because of her condition, we let her in to feed her and allow her respite from the heat and a few hours of safe sleep. But, no pets allowed where we live. We have gone on line and she has made her photo debut on Facebook. No one has responded. I have no pics. I doesn’t let me put into media library. All the supposed no-kill shelters in Jacksonville either say they can’t take any or that they now euthanize. Any vets out there that can help? Please email me at email on my ABOUT JEANETTE page. It’s only gonna be a few weeks till she delivers. Don’t want the babies to be born outside but unfortunately we cannot keep her inside. Thanks so much.


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