Ever hang a lot of photos and despite your having taken the time to measure, one photo is off center or not evenly spaced? The reason is because all photo frames have the hanging hole in a different place. Here’s a remedy that is a bit time consuming but, yields  the perfect results to a gallery perfect picture hanging.


A roll of wrapping paper

A level

A pencil

A yard stick ( more accurate than a tape measure because it doesn’t bend)

Picture frames

Sticky notes

Painter’s tape ( or any tape that won’t remove paint from walls) finishing nails


1. Begin by measuring wall that your pictures will be places on.

2. Roll out wrapping paper with white side down and cut paper to exact size of wall.

3.  Place all frames on paper according to how you’d like them placed on your wall. NOTE : It is good to arrange in multiple ways and take photos so that you can be sure of what placement you like the best.

4. Be sure that top of frames that will be on top row of pictures meet with the top of the wrapping paper. You will therefore only be tracing these frames on three sides.

5. When you are sure of your placement, trace the frame that is on your left, first.

6. Then measure spacing between  all photo frames going across. When you are sure they are evenly spaced, trace around them.

7. Take sticky note now and label one for each picture giving it a name, ie. grandma, baby’s first birthday etc. Now set note with title of picture onto the glass of that photo. Write the name you have given in the center of frame tracing so you do not make a mistake with placement later on.

8. Take top row of frames and remove from the  wrapping paper after you have checked that the spacing between photos was exact and have traced around each frame.

9. Looking closely at top tracings, position next rows of photos so that they are evenly spaced, using your yard stick to measure that they are. (At times you will have smaller frames that will be on sides of maybe rectangular ones or some frames that are slightly larger than others. In this case, you would measure space from the top of the tallest frame that will be in the center row. This will be what you use to measure spacing between the first and second rows). If I’ve lost you, read it again.

10. When you are happy with the spacing, trace the middle photo and  measure size of smaller frames that will go on the sides of middle photos so that they are centered with the middle frame.

11. Be sure that the spacing on both sides where smaller frames will be placed are equally spaced  on both sides.

12. Trace other frames.

13. Now comes the part you need to be done precisely in order to have your frames hang perfectly. Take all your frames that each have a sticky note and title stuck to them on a post it note and,  one at a time, turn them over.

14. Using yardstick, place yardstick even with the edge of your frame. One measurement will be the left to right measurement of where the top of the hanging hole is on frame . Important you measure where the top of the hole is, as this is where your frame will rest. The  other measurement will be from the top of the frame edge to the center of the hanging hole. Mark these measurements on your sticky note and place sticky note back on frame glass. Then using your yardstick find these measurement on your tracing and draw an intersecting line. Do this for all frames.

15. Lastly, take wrapping paper and hang it on wall using painters tape. Stand back and be sure you like the height of where your photos will be positioned.

16.Check with the level that the wrapping paper is perfectly straight on walls. Once it is, tap finishing nails into center of your intersecting lines and tear away paper. be sure to do this carefully so that you can still see tracings and what frame goes where. If you pull paper gently toward you and off nails, you won’t ruin the tracings.


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