Sorry. No pics for this. I gave them away as gifts.

While in someone’s office , something on their desk caught my eye. Something unusual and functional.  The tag hanging  off it read,      ” Message  on a bottle”. Of course, me being me, I had to say, ”  May I see that?” and my brain said, ”  I can make that! ” and I did.


A lot of wine corks ( my friend saved me hers for weeks)

Sharp knife or other cutting tool

A bottle



Smaller type seashells

Hot glue gun

Pretty cording

Tag you make on computer or card stock and laminate

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. Clean a wine bottle or other bottle out and dry.

2. Cut all your corks in half.

3. Glue corks around entire bottle very carefully so as not to leave any gaps.

4. When reaching the top you may have to cut the cork to be level with the bottle.

5. Place netting around entire bottle. Hot glue to bottom of bottle if needed.

6. On top of bottle glue an appropriate sized seashell.

7. Make a tag on the computer with borders or whatever you like with text that says, ” Message on a bottle.” or you can print on card stock if you wish.

8 . If you want to you may laminate and when done, punch a hole in the top center or corner of the tag.

9. Tie decorative thin cording around bottle top after placing through your tag.

10. Take small seashells that opening to seashell can cover top of pushpin and glue in place? Use a decent amount of glue so that at least 1/4 of the head of pushpin is submerged in hot glue to avoid the seashell from falling off. Set aside till glue is dry.

11. Stick pushpins into cork at random places around bottle.

12.  Attach your message, to/ from with a seashell pushpin . What a creative way to rid your desk of all those little post-it notes. 🙂


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