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Simple little way to say I love you to the people we love. Can be placed on desk or wherever your loved one chooses to display. Children will love making for mom or dad, grandparents too. Can say I love you, you’re the best, best grandma, cool grandpa etc.  Use your imagination. Due to children’s limited dexterity it would be easier to use a larger pebble or rock.


Pebbles or rocks , paint colors of your choice., toothpicks,clear spray paint and paint brush


  1. Wash pebbles or rocks
  2. Paint entire pebble one color and  let dry.
  3. Dip the toothpick  into paint and put your message. When finished allow to dry then spray with clear spray paint to preserve your rock.

2 thoughts on “YOU ROCK!!!

  1. Thank God I had met Jeanette and the great work she does. She painted some Betty Boop rocks and was her first time doing Betty Boop and did a great job. She is going to do an Elvis Presley rock and another rock painted with my sister and her husband who passed away. If you want painting done really great then she is the one to do it.

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  2. Thanks so very much Larry. I enjoyed meeting you and doing these for you. I was honored too, that you allowed me to restore your Jesus statue. I saw how special that statue was to you and thus made me very happy to restore it to its original glory. I will post photos of your statue soon. Thank you so much. Have a blessed day!

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