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Larger rocks paperweight sized
Black craft  paint or base color of your choice
White craft paint or color of your choice to write messages
Something to protect work surface
Clear spray paint
Felt (optional)
Hot glue gun or other glue


1.Wash rocks and let dry.

2.Paint entire rock black or color of your choice.

3. Once dry and completely painted, dip end of a toothpick into white paint and begin printing message. I have found that  using  a toothpick allows for better control of your printing on the rocks uneven surface.

4. Once message is complete, set paperweight aside to dry.

5. Spray all sides of your spiritual rock to make it water resistant so that if it gets wet, the paint will not rub off.

6.If you so desire, you may hot glue felt to bottom of rock to protect desk surface from scratching . If rock is smooth there usually is not a problem.

Inexpensive gift to give a friend, co-worker, pastor or someone you know who is going through a rough time.

Have a blessed day!


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