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Black  craft paint ( or base color of your choice)
Two sizes of paint brushes
Large stones
Something to protect your work surface
Clear spray paint
toothpicks or wooden skewers


1. Paint entire rock black and allow to dry.

2. Take back of larger brush and dip into a different color paint.

3. Randomly place dots onto stone surface then switch color and continue dotting rock until it looks as you wish it to look.

4. For a different effect paint different colored stripes down rock. Once dry take toothpick or wooden skewer and dip into paint and dot in a design.

7. Once dry, spray with clear spray paint to protect your painted surface.

These make lovely paperweights. Or something to sit on a shelf. If the rock is large enough you can use for a doorstop too.

Have a blessed day!


    1. 🙂 thanks so very much! You made me smile. I love all kinds of crafts as you can see from my Jeanette like you. No limit to the imagination. I look at a piece of junk to everyone else and see it finished.hahaha. It baffles my son. We can see the beauty when no one else can. That’s a gift….I’m sure. You have it too….bigtime!

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