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1. Package of flat clothespins ( or two pkgs. depending on how many you wish to make. Each reindeer takes three clothespins.). each reindeer takes two clothespins. You can make with three clothespins if you wish side views to show back and front legs.
2. Brown or tan acrylic paint. (You can leave unpainted if you wish or mix dark brown paint with a bit of water to give a stained look)
3. Black acrylic craft paint
4. White acrylic craft paint
5. Red acrylic craft paint ( for reindeer tongue , if you wish open mouth smile)
5.Tiny red Pom Pom for Rudolph’s nose

6. Mini tree ornaments to hang on reindeers neck
7. Mini garland ( optional ) to make wreath

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge

8. Paint brushes (0ne small handled brush and one slightly larger)
9. Old plastic lids ( one for each child if doing with children)
10. Jars or styrofoam cups for water to wash brushes
11. Paper towels
12. Shower curtain from dollar store to protect work surface if doing with children
13. Thin  Ribbon or wire for hanging
15. Tiny google eyes ( optional)




1.  Inspect clothespins for uneven wood between clothespins. If you cannot brush out with dry paintbrush use a piece of sandpaper to smooth.

2. Paint both clothespins entirely with brown paint. Don’t forget the inside. Set aside . Allow to dry. ( I use a muffin cooling rack)

3. When clothespins are dry, take black paint to resemble hooves on bottom part of clothespin. Set aside to dry.

4. If you cannot find tiny google eyes (they ARE hard to find) Put a tiny amount of white paint onto plastic lid. Take the second clothespin and dip the back of a  larger paintbrush handle into white paint and make two white dots for beginnings of reindeer eyes. Set aside to dry.

5. When eyes are dry, take smaller brush handle and dip into black paint. Make black dot in center of white dot and set aside to dry.

6. Dip end of pointy toothpick into black paint and paint the reindeer’s smile. Leave enough space to glue on reindeer’s tiny pompom nose.

7. Have parent hot glue flat ends of two leg clothespins together then reverse the second clothespin so that open ends are facing up and appear as antlers, and hot glue to body portion of reindeer, putting ribbon or wire in between before gluing. Glue reindeer faced clothespin slightly higher than bottom clothespin so that reindeer has a chest area ( see photo before gluing).

8. Attach mini Christmas ornament and hot glue in place on chest or in back of neck area.

9. If making wreath to go around neck measure twisted garland and do not cut till you have measured size that looks best. Hot glue in place behind the neck area.

So lovely for Christmas tree ornament, a Grandma or teacher gift from children, or to decorate a gift.

Have a blessed day!

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