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                                         YOU WILL NEED:

1. White acrylic craft paint ( to mimic look of snow aka flocking )

2. Inexpensive tube of Christmas balls from local dollar store

3. Wreath from local dollar store

4. Hot glue gun and glue sticks

5. floral wire

6. Holly berry plant from local dollar store and any other cute items you may  want   on your wreath

7. Pine cones you have purchased or gathered yourself  ( Rinse with soap and water if gathering yourself and let dry. Do not soak or pine cones will close)

8. Any other pretty thing you want to include. Using odd numbers looks best and  is     a well-known florist secret for beautiful arrangements.

9. One inch paint brush.

10.  Coat hanger. I hang my painted wreaths on a hanger on my shower curtain rod till they are dry.

11. Old shower curtain or washable/ disposable table cloth . Also can be found at dollar store. THIS PROTECTS YOUR WORK SURFACE FROM PAINT SPLATTERS.

12. Wire cutter or sturdy scissor capable of cutting thin wire


1. Open your wreath and arrange wreath until it looks very full. You may look at dollar store wreaths and think they are too skimpy. However, all my photos were from those skimpy looking wreaths. Trust me…. With a little time and patience they open beautifully and once all your items are attached they look very full.

2. Take paint brush. Dip into paint and scrape most of paint off to avoid blobs. Then begin brushing paint onto different parts of wreath all around to mimic fresh fallen snow. NOTE: Be sure to get paint inside the leaves facing in the middle of wreath.

3. Hang wreath around top of hanger and place somewhere to dry. As I said before, I used my curtain rod on bathroom shower curtain. Very helpful and out of the way if you are making more than one.

4. Take dried pine cones and hold at wider base . Dip brush with paint and run paint brush down pine cone to the ends till all the tips of pine cones leaves are coated well.  Set them aside to dry.

5. Take all Christmas balls and remove top hanger piece and place back onto ball after putting drop of hot glue inside. ( I do this to ensure they will never fall apart.)

6. When pine cones are dry, wrap wire around wider end of pine cone under leaves of pine cone and twist. Leave enough wire to attach to wreath later. More is best as if you cut wire too short and you would have to start over. Can wrap wire around coat hanger and hang by wreaths if you cannot finish that day and need work space.

7. Take dried wreath and place pine cones, unattached, on top of wreath in place where you’d like them to go. This is sort of like a test run. you are just playing with placement to see where things look best. Then place wire through ornament holder top on balls and randomly place balls around the wreath, again NOT ATTACHING, till you think it looks as you want it to look.

8. Leave all things lying on top of the wreath in the place that you chose. Cut berry plant into many smaller pieces and attach each to a single strand of wire and place where you think it looks nice.

9. Add any extra things you like , placing where you like best and then when you are satisfied with look of wreath, begin attaching.  NOTE: IF YOU CHOSE TO REMOVE ITEMS FROM WREATH  AND ATTACH, TAKE A PHOTO OF IT FIRST TO ENSURE EVERYTHING WILL BE PLACED BACK ON THE WAY YOU LIKED IT.

10. TAKE TWO OR THREE PIECES OF WIRE AND TWIST AROUND TO MAKE THICK WIRE. DO THIS LAST. You need to turn wreath fully decorated all ways before determining which part should be the top.

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